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Ganesha, the son of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati is popularly worshipped under 1008 names. 

The most popular being like Sumukha, Ekadanta, Kapila, Gajakarna, Lambodara, Vikath, Vidhnanashaka, Vinayaka, Dhumraketu, Ganadhayaksha, Bhalchandra and Gajanana and the little know name is Ibhanan, The Elephant Faced, name that we resonated with.


All our idols are either left trunked or straight trunked and in a sitting position.


We wish that the Elephant headed Lord,  remover of all obstacles,  

enriches your life with His blessings and gives you  

A rainbow for every storm,

A smile for every tear,

A promise for every care and  

Answer to every Prayer.




With Love & Grace

From Team Ibhanan

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One of the serious issues faced by our modern world is environmental pollution, and it is one the most significant challenges that the world is facing in our day.


Environmental pollution has existed for centuries. But, it began to be a severe issue following the industrial revolution in the 19th century. Pollution generally takes place when pollutants pollute the natural surroundings and it can bring about changes that affect our everyday lifestyles unfavorably.

We care about nature around us are committed to take  care of it. Our Idols are safe for all wildlife, even for marine life after Visarjan.

Now it's your turn to take step towards green & healthy planet. Switch to clay idols & save the nature.

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